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The Trumpet Design Studio is operated by Bill Jones, a professional trumpet performer and teacher for over 30 years that studied with William Vacchiano at the Juilliard School. Jones has performed across the United States, in Canada and Europe and has won over 20 competitive auditions for performing jobs, orchestra positions, and academic positions in his career. He designs horns that are intended to have superior intonation and a sound that suits the performance genre for which the instrument is intended. He also designs mouthpieces for special needs or players that are going through embouchure changes. Jones maintains an active schedule as a performer and also operates “” where you can read more about him and find quality publications for brass performers, as well as information about the “International Brass Chamber Music Festival.”


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If you need an instrument that plays to professional standards we make new models of trumpets in all keys that have superb intonation and sound.  Musicians can also design their own trumpet (you select components, we assemble). Have a horn that needs some help/tweaking?  TDS can assist!  Want to restore a vintage horn without sacrificing its original performance integrity? Want to convert a trumpet to a different key? Consult with us via email about your individual project for solutions that fit a musicians budget.