Services and Prices 2013

BASIC TRUMPET DESIGN AND ASSEMBLY LABOR (PARTS EXTRA)- $799 (trumpet delivered in polished raw brass)

PLATING COSTS- Silver or gold plating–$245-400. Dent work and blemish removal is priced at cost.

TRUMPET TUNE UP-$275 this includes replacing parts necessary (leadpipe, tuning crook, all tubing to the 3rd valve entrance) and refinish work for plated or lacquered instruments. This service is to improve the intonation of the instrument and has been especially popular for C, D, Eb, E, F, G, A and Bb piccolo. If the owner wishes to change the “blow” of the instrument, this will be addressed in the process.

3rd VALVE SLIDE WITH ROTOR- $475. This is for any instrument that the owner wishes to add the option of playing notes lower than the instrument normally plays. Traditionally for D, Eb, E, F, G, A, and Bb (piccolo)trumpets.

PARTS- Valve sections range from $110 to $350. Bells from $150 to $1250. Leadpipes and crooks are provided on most projects without additional cost. Specific parts from Bach, Blackburn, or other instrument manufacturers are supplied at exact cost.

BASIC TRUMPET CONVERSION- $499. This is to convert an existing Bb trumpet to another key such as C, D, Eb. This does not include any finish work. Unlike most conversion processes, leadpipes/crooks, etc. are traded to create an instrument that plays in tune with a nice sound. Bell trades are priced at cost (unually $75-300).

CUSTOMIZE YOUR TRUMPET PACKAGE- $450. This is for owners of silver plated trumpets that are in good condition only. Includes adding gold-plate trim and gold-plated bell front, removing most blemishes and pitting, necessary plating, and Pickett trim packages of the owner’s choice (valve caps and buttons). All parts are plated. See for customized trim kit options. Dent work is priced at cost.

Other Services:

“A” MOUTHPIPE FOR SCHILKE PICCOLO TRUMPETS with trumpet shank $175. Trumpet must be shipped to us to have the pipe made for your horn. This price does not include return shipping.


$275. This provides cornet shank pipes for A/Bb pic and trumpet shanks for A/Bb pic (four pipes total). Service includes rebuilding mouthpipe receiver if necessary and refinish work.

PICKETT TRIM KITS- These are sold at the same cost listed at the above website for trumpet projects. Plating and shipping costs are free to the customer that orders a kit with a trumpet project.


When an order is placed we will give an estimated time for completion. Instrument construction projects are currently estimated at eight weeks. Small projects usually 2-3 weeks. All services are paid in advance. For most orders 1/2 payment is required via Paypal to place your project into the production schedule. The balance plus return shipping is due upon completion.

No refunds are given on custom orders. One free “re-try” is available to each customer for trumpet projects to make requested changes. Customer covers shipping both ways for this service. For new instruments designed by Bill Jones (new parts) returns are accepted after a 3 day try-out period (customer pays shipping costs).

TDS uses a combination of used and new parts for most projects. Used parts are restored but in many cases all blemishes cannot be removed. If cosmetic perfection is the customer’s goal, then it is highly recommended that all new parts be purchased for the project.