Over the last year I have worked with Bill on several projects ranging from “tuning up” some of my existing horns to to building a custom gold-plated Eb/D trumpet. Bill has been excellent to work with every step of the way. His communication is top notch, I always felt like I knew exactly where my projects were and when they would be completed. Additionally, the quality of Bill’s work is excellent, I’m completely in love with my new Eb/D and the tune up work he did on my picc and Bb have made the horns play 100% better, I feel like the horns are no longer in the way of making good music; I can just pick up any of the horns and play – with confidence that the horns will produce and even and consistent scale. Bill is a highly skilled craftsman who works with a high level of integrity and attention to detail, I trust him to make the best decisions for my horns and my playing. Thanks!
(Shaun from Northern VA, 2011)


“Both the bass trumpet and valve trombone are wonderful, incredible work. These horns sound better / more in tune since you performed the conversion than before which seems remarkable. The valve trombone sounds MUCH tighter since re-surfacing the valves. I used to have the tuning slide out about an inch but now it is almost all the way in. Also, maybe my lip is evolving but the change in tuning slide position seemed immediate.”      -Wes (November, 2010)


“The horn came today-I love it! Great tone-free blowing, and intonation as good as any horn I have ever had. Looks great too!” -Joe (November, 2010)


“Well Bill I couldn’t see where you took the dent out of my poorly-packed Eb…..many thanks! I have had a chance to play the D and to work on getting to know it. To me, it is a much more “friendly” horn and again, to me, it far more approachable now. I have decided I like the short slide best, it seems to respond to me more readily. The intonation and focus are both dramatically improved and it is a fun horn to play now. I think you went well past the “extra mile” when you rebuilt this horn making it a player for me.” – Mark (February, 2010)

“I wanted to tell you, I have been playing the Bb horn every day, for hours… it is absolutely amazing. I can play whatever I want and sound how I want. Also, it seems as if my endurance is better on this horn. I figured I can blend with both Bb and C trumpets! It is actually very easy to play in tune, at first it was a bit difficult since I was used to using the slides and lipping up or down a lot. Now, I never use the first slide, and I only use the third slide on C# and sometimes D. It plays in tune in every key! Anyways, I thought you should know that I am very happy with the horn.”  -Wilbert Pérez (March,2010)


“I have a D trumpet made by Bill Jones, and it is a joy to play! I highly recommend Dr. Jones’ trumpets!” – Erin (June 29, 2009)


“I have a C trumpet made by Dr. Bill Jones, and I love it. It plays well and has an amazing sound. I’ll strongly recommend Dr. Jones’ trumpets!!” -Jim Johnson (September 13, 2009)


“ Bill, I wanted to get back to you about the C trumpet you sent me back in August. It is a great horn for me. So far I don’t find it too dark, especially with a slightly tighter backbore and less deep mouthpiece (Warburton 4M cup and # 5 backbore. That mouthpiece combo really lets it ring when I push it. I played it for a friend in a large hall a little while ago and I really like the fact that you can’t overblow the horn. He was impressed by the sound. It is by far the best natural intonations of any C trumpet I’ve had, which I love, and it also has the least stuffy upper register of any C I’ve played or owned (including horns that cost 6 times as much). I’ve heard a number of people who’ve heard you play sing your praises and to have your expertise in sound, intonation, and play “feel” going into the making of the horn is really invaluable. Really satisfied customer and I’m passing your name on to others.”  -Jon ( September 13, 2009)


“I have an Eb trumpet made by Dr. Jones. The horn has a very big sound and really resonates in a big room. It is very easy to play in tune and the response is really nice. I have recommended Dr. Jones’ trumpets to several friends, and would to anyone who is looking for a quality yet affordable instrument.” -Sarah (September 17, 2009)


“ I just received my horn from Bill yesterday. I sent him an old Bach Mercedes Bb in terrible condition about two months ago. He converted it to C and I am extremely impressed. It looks pretty good with a satin finish, a whole lot better than it did, but cosmetics were not my priority. I frankly wouldn’t have cared what it looked like if it sounded good. It sounds fantastic, I’m not sure what all he did but this trumpet has a richness to it that is just wonderful and it really does stay in tune. I have been using a borrowed Getzen which I always liked but the trumpet Bill made blows it away. My wife could tell the difference immediately. I have played Strads, Yamahas, and Schilkes, and without hesitation this is the best C I have ever played. Great price and Bill was great to work with, very responsive and kept me informed of the process the whole way through. I highly recommend his work.”   -Dan Maxwell (September 30, 2009)


“I am very pleased with Bill Jones’ conversion of my 1925 Conn Concert Grand (28B) to C. The horn that I sent to him had tremendous potential, but significant issues. He brought out that potential and created a trumpet that plays in tune exceptionally well and has a rich, mellow tone that blends well with the other instruments in my church-based brass ensemble. I especially enjoy it when we are playing with the organ. I am delighted. I bought this trumpet on Ebay a few years ago knowing that someone had cut it down from B Flat to C, but not knowing how well that had been done. I took the chance on it because I already had a Conn 28B and thus knew the potential that was there. The 28B has a huge bore (.485”) and produces a big, rich sound. When I got the trumpet, I found that the job had been botched–the conversion was not to C but to B Natural (not a convenient key). However, the horn’s valves and tone were excellent. So I set it aside and waited. This fall I decided to send it Bill because I figured that as a talented trumpet player, his standards would be high and exacting. I was right. My “new” trumpet is great by itself, but is really wonderful in ensemble playing. I am now planning to send Bill several other 1920s Conns in my collection for conversion to C or perhaps even D trumpets.”              – Dr. William Rivers (January 3, 2010)